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[News] Microsoft to Bring Advertisements to Healthcare While Open Source Grabs Territory?

What's really behind Microsoft's healthcare push?

,----[ Quote ]
| If and when Microsoft does launch a Live Healthcare service,
| it would mark the first time Microsoft has discussed a vertical
| Windows Live service.


Ballmer: Healthcare is our "greatest opportunity"

,----[ Quote ]
| If Microsoft's biggest threat is open source, and it?s biggest
| opportunity is health care, then wouldn?t an open source healthcare
| company be its biggest competitor?
| Like, maybe, MedSphere?


Palm and Tolven Bring Open Source Electronic Patient Health Records to Treo

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm, Inc. and Tolven Inc. today announced the availability of 
| open source electronic Personal Health Record  solutions on Palm Treo 
| smartphones. 



McKesson First to Offer Red Hat Enterprise Healthcare Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| As a leading provider of technology solutions to the healthcare
| industry, McKesson has been at the forefront of innovative
| technologies, deploying many of its advanced Horizon Clinicals
| applications on Linux running on Intel-based hardware. Hospitals
| with these deployments have already realized cost savings of up
| to 60% compared with traditional system deployments.



openEMR Successfully Completes IHE Connectathon Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| The Possibility Forge and Mandriva successfully completed the
| testing requirements for openEMR at the 2007 IHE Connectathon 
| in North America.


Leading Healthcare Technology Provider Chooses Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Sage Software provides integrated electronic health records, electronic
| data interchange (EDI) applications and practice management systems to
| more than 20,000 ambulatory care practices throughout North America.
| These systems enable physicians and practice managers to better 
| manage their practices and improve profitability.


Editor's Corner (on Open Source in Healthcare)

,----[ Quote ]
| Suggesting that a private healthcare provider switch from
| proprietary software to open source-based applications is one
| thing. But when an official affiliated with as august a body as
| the United Nations suggests that all member countries adopt open
| source for their healthcare applications, that's a much bigger deal.


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