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[News] Open Source Companies Announce Notable Milestones (Digest)

Zenoss Releases New Version of Open Source Enterprise IT Monitoring Product

,----[ Summary ]
| Major Upgrades Include Automatic Change Tracking and Remediation


Compiere Announces New Support Offerings for Optimizing Open Source ERP and
CRM Application Performance

,----[ Summary ]
| Three-Tiered Support Model Offers Benefits to Meet the Needs of
| Small Companies up to Large Global Enterprises


Day Software First To Deliver Enterprise Services For Leading Open Source
Content Repository

,----[ Quote ]
| "Enterprise-level demand for robust services and support around Apache
| open source solutions is greater than ever before," says Piotr
| Zabiello, SVP Global Services of Day Software. "We are pleased to
| offer commercial support and services for Apache Jackrabbit,
| providing customers with an open source alternative to proprietary
| legacy repositories."



Another Swiss company that moved to Open Source/Linux-oriented services last

Software innovator first to deliver enterprise services for leading open
source content repository

,----[ Quote
| "pache Jackrabbit is an attractive option for companies who want to
| move away from expensive, proprietary legacy repositories and are
| looking for a cost efficient, standards-based alternative,"said
| David Nüscheler, CTO of Day Software and SpecLead of the JSR170
| expert group.


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