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Re: [News] OpenDocument Can Now Handle Every Microsoft Office Blob

__/ [ [H]omer ] on Sunday 28 January 2007 21:44 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ODF Can Handle Anything MSOffice Throws At It
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | "ODF can handle everything and anything Microsoft Office can throw
>> | at it. Including the legacy billions of binary documents, years of
>> | MSOffice bound business processes, and even tricky low level
>> | reaching add-ons represented by assistive technologies....
>> |
>> | ...we recently made available a demonstration of the powerful but
>> | lightweight Da Vinci conversion engine.
>> `----
>> http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/79593/index.html
> Wahey! Microsoft, get it up ya.

Well, I'd really like to see them bundling a fully funcational ODF export
function. Not a semi-cooked plugin...

With "export as PDF" from Adobe (Microsoft got denied this feature by the EU
before choosing their own XPS lockin) I could at least request data that I
could easily read, using lightweight tools such as x/kpdf.

>> Related:
>> How Vista Lets Microsoft Lock Users In - Cory Doctorow
> I loved this quote:
> .----
> | But Information Rights Management (IRM), first introduced in Office
> | 2003, goes further -- it doesn't just control who can open the
> | document, it also controls what they can do with it afterwards.
> | Crypto is like an ATM that only lets you get money after you
> | authenticate yourself with your card and PIN. IRM is like some kind
> | of nefarious goon hired by the bank to follow you around after you
> | get your money out, controlling how you spend it.
> `----
> Microsoft's nefarious goons. LOL! With Sweaty Ballmer playing the part
> of Al Capone, presumably. Sounds about right.

Samba's Allison compared him to Tony Soprano.

                        ~~ Best wishes 

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