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Re: EFY: Conspiracy? NOT! Dumb M$ lawyers?

____/ Oldtech on Sunday 08 July 2007 03:30 : \____

> Microsoft claims a Linux conspiracy.  How stupid are Microsoft's
> shareholders/Users/developers?  There is already a large number of
> honest folks who think Balmer is totally freakazoid!
> http://efytimes.com/archive/preview.asp?articleid=14
> Patents?  Who is stupid enough to believe that? There are NO patents
> being infringed, because there are no lawsuits with real patent numbers
> cited!
> Are Microsoft Patent Lawyers really this dumb?
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=557

There are some idiots (sometimes investors) who still want to believe what
Microsoft says. Don't forget that Microsoft still has the mainstream press in
its fist. Never underestimate the power of Microsoft propaganda. The company
has redefined "capitalism" where the government has control over the industry.
There is not only an intersection (staff-wise) between national
decision-makers and Microsoft Corp., but there are also subtle exchanges of
money. They call it "support", " or "funds", not "bribery", but that's how the
press, Wall Street, and the government is run.

It's sad, but it's all true. That's why people need to speak out and alert when
these things happen.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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