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Re: [Rival] Microsoft is 'Taxing' Its Own Partners

____/ Rex Ballard on Friday 13 July 2007 12:56 : \____

> On Jul 13, 12:12 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> [Just seen this one comment. The article itself is a good read too.]
>> Ballmer wears Kick Me Anti-Trust
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Microsoft API's for software developers is food for anti-trust lawyers.
>> | Now they are requiring Microsoft payments for third party software
>> | developers.
>> `----
> It's pretty clear that Gonzales won't be doing anything about it.  On
> the other hand, this tactic, along with other anti-linux, anti-
> competition, anti-3rd party tactics have pretty much sealed Vista's
> fate.

It shows. Disregard for developers drives them away. Taxation likewise.

Survey: Windows loses ground with developers

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux gaining share as the number of developers targeting Windows falls 
| 12 percent, Evans Data says


Don't forget the recent story about an MVP who received a C&D letter for
enhancing the function of a Microsoft application.

> Especially corporate customers and web order customers, are saying NO
> VISTA, and ordering their machines with XP instead, then installing
> Linux at home.  Retail customers are switching to Macs.  Poor Gateway,
> which is almost a pure Vista play, is really hurting bad.
> Vista is to Microsoft what MVS 4.0 was to IBM.
> For those who don't remember.  IBM released MVS 4.0 and assumed that
> all of the customers would automatically upgrade.  The problem was
> that you needed new versions of EVERYTHING, including CICS, IMS,
> development libraries, applications, databases, and so on, because IBM
> assumed that "If we build it they will buy".  They didn't buy, and
> John Akers was replaced by an outsider named Lou Gerstner, who taught
> the elephant to dance to the customer's tune.
> In this case, it's not Microsoft who is focusing on the needs of the
> end users, it's Dell, HP, Apple, and Lennovo.  These companies have
> already figured out that a huge percentage of their customers who buy
> machines with XP - are installing Linux once they get the machines.
> They have designed certain machines to be "Linux Ready" even though
> they are sold with Windows.

I am assuming that you are just taking a quick overview in COLA, but make sure
you haven't lost sight of this new study:

Software Assurance Storm Warning

,----[ Quote ]
| In a report to be published today, Forrester Research sees a series of 
| customer hurricanes coming Microsoft's way. If they strike, they could wash 
| away many Software Assurance contracts. Software Assurance is the discounted 
| upgrade option available with Open, Open Value and Select volume licensing 
| contracts.    


> <snip good points>

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