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Re: Switching to Linux, Not OS X or Windows

  • Subject: Re: Switching to Linux, Not OS X or Windows
  • From: Rafael <rafael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 20:51:12 +0900
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Toad wrote:
Roy.Spamowitz@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

>> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>> + +
>> + C.O.L.A. Newcomer FAQ and Primer +
>> + Edition: 21 - 9/24/06 +
>> + Group: comp.os.linux.advocacy +
>> + +
>> + Copyright (c) 2002-2006 Linux Reality Team +
>> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>> Welcome to comp.os.linux.advocacy, otherwise known as cola. >> This FAQ will try to address most of the issues regarding
>> Linux and this group. Unlike the other FAQs, this one will
>> try to be as realistic as possible. If you want the straight
>> information

then there is no need to read any further, because it is a
spoofed FAQ.

>> -----------------------------------------
>> 8.1 Q: There are some people that call this FAQ lies <SNIP>

because it simply is.  Please note, there is no such thing as the
Linux Reality Team.

> Great post man. The truth hurts.

It does, doesn't it?  The real FAQ can be found at:


Following are excerpts from the FAQ:

1.2 Welcome to comp.os.linux.advocacy

If you are new to Linux and/or comp.os.linux.advocacy,
welcome. It is hoped that you will will enjoy your time in
comp.os.linux.advocacy and find it educational. We also hope
that you will find Linux as useful for you. and that in the
ripeness of time that you will become a contributing member of
the Linux community.

COLA is like a meeting hall for Linux advocacy. A place where
those who advocate the use of Linux can meet and discuss all
things Linux. In addition it is a place were individuals
interested in Linux can come to gain an understanding of the
Linux and the Linux community and to learn about the
capabilities of Linux from those who are experienced with the
use, administration, and development of Linux.

By using Linux as a user or sysadmin you are a member of the
Linux community of which this newsgroup is an asset. The Linux
community is world-wide and interconnected by the internet and
other networks gated to the internet.

The description that your news server delivers to you for
comp.os.linux.advocacy, or COLA for short, is "Benefits of
Linux compared to other operating systems". That description
is derived from the charter of COLA. Sometimes advocacy groups
are viewed as a place where the bickering undesirables of
other newsgroups are directed, in order to remove a disruption
from another group on the same general subject. That is
incorrect for COLA.

1.4 The Charter of comp.os.linux.advocacy

The charter of comp.os.linux.advocacy is:

For discussion of the benefits of Linux compared to other
operating systems.

That single sentence is the one and only charter of the
newsgroup comp.os.linux.advocacy. The newsgroup's charter is
for the newsgroup as a place for supporters of Linux to gather
to discuss Linux, for the betterment of the Linux community
and the promotion and development of Linux. It supports this
as a place for those who would like to learn more about Linux
to come to learn from those who know Linux. It does not call
for it to be a place where the anti-Linux propagandists to
gather in order to discredit Linux.

2.1 On Topic Subjects

On-topic is anything anything regarding Linux that is of
interest to a person who advocates the use of Linux, or
requests for information about Linux by a person who would
like to learn about it. COLA is also a great place to share
your Linux success stories.

COLA is not a place to advocate the use of other operating
systems, there are other newsgroups for advocating them. COLA
is not a place to vent real or imagined complaints regarding
Linux. There are other newsgroups created for that purpose.

COLA is not a place to post advertisements or other promotions
for financial gain or for promoting anything other than the
use of Linux operating system and growth of the Linux

7 Anti-Linux Propagandists and Trolls

The comp.os.linux.advocacy newsgroup is a newsgroup that is under
siege by one or more factions of anti-Linux propagandists. In the
past those factions have appeared to be confident and smug;
however, as of late it appears that they are becoming ever more
desperate. The reason for their desperation appears to be as a
result of growth of the mind share of Linux and the continuing
failures of their chosen cause. Besides the true anti-Linux
propagandists there are also the occasional classic newsgroup troll.

7.3 A Common FUD of the Anti-Linux Propagandists

An example of dishonesty of the anti-Linux propagandists is their
common claim that the Linux proponents in COLA oppose the use of
any other operating system. They also would have you believe that
the Linux proponents in COLA oppose everyone who does not use
Linux all the time. Those are some of the lies that they use to
try to discredit Linux users who post in COLA.

The truth is that a user of one or more operating systems other
than Linux are not opposed in COLA for that reason alone. Many of
the Linux Advocates in COLA have experience on many other
operating systems besides Linux. Many do use multiple operating
systems on a regular basis. It is due to this experience that any
disinformation regarding the capabilities of Linux, or that of
other operating systems are easily detected by the Linux advocates.

It is not difficult to tell the difference between an anti-Linux
Propagandist and a true advocates of another operating system.
Occasional mention of other operating systems is fine. However,
it is the frequent or continuous promotion of other operating
systems that turns a welcome poster into an unwelcome troll or
anti-Linux propagandist.

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