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[News] Is Microsoft Afraid of Exposing the Future (or Lack Thereof) of Windows?

Microsoft tries to stamp out Windows 'Fiji' references

,----[ Quote ]
| After I linked to Windows Media Center Product Manager Charlie
| Owens' post about Microsoft's release plans for the next version
| of Media Center (code-named "Fiji,"), Owens pulled his post and
| deleted from his blog all references to "Fiji."


The problems with Vista laid bare 

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft quietly dropped WinFS and Vista gained a very Spotlight-like
| index-driven search system instead. On Linux, GNOME's Beagle search is
| much the same.
| [...]
| The snag is that the same problems that face Microsoft, trying to bolt
| 3D onto a twenty-year-old 2D-based imaging model, also face the Linux
| world. On the Free side of the fence, though, users replace and update
| their software far more often. New releases of Ubuntu Linux come along
| twice a year, the same as its GNOME desktop - very roughly ten times
| as fast as the Windows rate of about twice a decade. And of course 
| it usually costs little or no money to update to a new version of 
| Linux, whereas every successive release of Windows gets more
| expensive than before.



Allchin's 'Buy a Mac' E-Mail Exposed

,----[ Quote ]
| "I must tell you everything in my soul tells me that we should do
| what I called plan (b) yesterday. We need a simple fast storage
| system. LH [Longhorn] is a pig and I don't see any solution to this
| problem. If we are to rise to the challenge of Linux and Apple, we
| need to start taking the lessons of 'scenario, simple, fast' to
| heart. Jim"


As Microsoft looks ahead, will Vista be the end of an era?

,----[ Quote ]
| Once installed in the post, Mr Ozzie wrote an internal company
| memo that mapped out the challenges that face Microsoft. The
| message was clear: get Google, get with the internet and wean
| Microsoft off Windows as we know it.
| "Through Google's focus they?ve gained a tremendously strong
| position," he said. "[Microsoft] must respond quickly and decisively
| . . . It's clear that if we fail to do so, our business as we know
| it is at risk."


Why Vista might be the last of its kind

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine this. One of the world's most powerful monopolies puts 10,000
| people to work for five years to create one new product. And nobody
| is really sure if anyone wants it. How's that for a gamble?
| That's what we have with Windows Vista, the new computer-operating
| system from Microsoft that debuted last week for businesses and,
| next month, for consumers.


Vista: Microsoft's Last 'Big Bang' Operating System?

,----[ Quote ]
| Yet for all the design missteps, overly ambitious plans, and
| personnel changes that led to a five-year lag between versions
| of Windows, questions about the future of Microsoft's software
| are top of mind for customers and partners. Ballmer swears to
| never let as much time elapse between Windows versions; the
| question now is how the company can keep churning out
| innovative products on a compressed timetable.


Is Vista the End of Windows as We Know It?

,----[ Quote ]
| The five-year long march to developing Windows Vista exposed just how
| broken Microsoft's Windows-development process is. It took far too
| long, major features were dropped along the way, and it was wrapped up
| in more red tape than the IRS. That's why I think that Vista will be the
| last of the "big-bang" Windows releases.


Life After Vista: Can Microsoft Retool for Web?

,----[ Quote ]
| In a similar tug of war in the late 1990s, one internal faction
| lobbied to use Microsoft's Internet browser software to radically
| retool Windows for the Internet. But that faction lost out to a
| more PC-centric view of the Windows mission -- an outcome that some
| Microsoft insiders say is one reason the company fell behind in the
| Internet services Google and others now lead.


Windows Vista the last of its kind

,----[ Quote ]
| Vista will be the last version of Windows that exists in its current,
| monolithic form, according to Gartner.
| Instead, the research firm predicts, Microsoft will be forced to
| migrate Windows to a modular architecture tied together through
| hardware-supported virtualisation. "The current, integrated architecture
| of Microsoft Windows is unsustainable - for enterprises and for
| Microsoft," wrote Gartner analysts Brian Gammage, Michael Silver and
| David Mitchell Smith.


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