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[News] HD DVD Cracked (Again?), No Hope for DRM


These folks have would have the processing key printed on a shirt, just for
spite. Everyone seems to be exchanging the decryption code in public today,
so the revised method has probably been cirumvented as well. DRM is doomed,
and it should never have existed in the first place.

Mad Dog 21/21: Hearts and Minds

,----[ Quote ]
| Currently, the Free Software Foundation (FSF), which produces the
| evolving GPL, is trying to create a version 3 of its license that
| is expected to supplant prior versions, including the current
| version 2.1. Version 3 will attempt to address two knotty issues.
| The first is called tivoization, which is a word coined from the
| company name Tivo. Tivo uses free software and complies with the
| GPL but the gadgets it makes will only run programs that bear an
| acceptable digital signature. 



Jobs gains support from Yahoo, Monster on DRM issue

,----[ Quote ]
| "I've long advocated removing DRM on music because there is already a
| lot of music available without DRM, and it just makes things
| complicated for the user," Dave Goldberg, head of Yahoo Music,
| told the Silicon Valley Watcher.
| [...]
| "Monster Cable shares Mr. Jobs' vision of breaking constraints for
| legal music downloads," said Lee. "We've always believed in the
| power of music. So much so, we launched Monster Music to introduce
| high definition surround to the world without restrictions."


Yahoo Music, SanDisk chiefs urge labels to 'ditch DRM'

,----[ Quote ]
| A senior Yahoo chief has spoken out in favour of Apple CEO Steve
| Jobs' call for major labels to abandon digital rights technology (DRM).
| Dave Goldberg, head of Yahoo Music, says that tracks sold through
| his service in MP3 format sell much faster than rights-protected tunes. 


The slow death of DRM

,----[ Headings ]
| * A disaster of historical proportions
| * Consumer litigation against DRM
| * Digital growth is flagging
| * Pressure to dump DRM


Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead - Peter Jenner

,----[ Quote ]
| Few people know the music industry better than Peter Jenner. Pink
| Floyd's first manager, who subsequently managed Syd Barrett's solo
| career, Jenner has also looked after T.Rex, The Clash, Ian Dury,
| Disposable Heroes and Billy Bragg - who he manages today. He's also
| secretary general of the International Music Managers Forum.


EMI mulls sales of unprotected songs

,----[ Quote ]
| Music label EMI Group is in talks to release a large portion of
| its music catalog for Web sales without technological protections
| against piracy that are included in most music bought over the
| Internet now, sources said Thursday.


Microsoft: We Like DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve Jobs wants the music business to drop restrictions for digital
| tunes. But Microsoft, which began competing head to head with Apple
| in the digital music business last fall, is happy with the way things
| are, says media exec Robbie Bach.


Music industry set to abandon DRM shocka 

,----[ Quote ]
| Surprise, surprise, surprise. After all the lawsuits we've been
| reporting about, all the fiasco's we've been through (Microsoft
| incompatible trio MSN-Plays For Sure-Zune), and now, it seems
| that music industry executives are finally thinking with their
| senses and not with their ill-fated techno-paranoid logic.


Holland Considers Banning DRM, Legalizing Filesharing

,----[ Quote ]
| Last year the Dutch tried to tax all MP3 players, but that proposal
| didn't make it into law. But not to worry, they have other brilliant
| ideas. Earlier this week, Dutch politicians suggested that it might
| be a good idea to tax Internet traffic, and use this money to
| compensate the music industry. This, under the condition that
| DRM is abandoned, and people can't be charged for downloads. Say
| what?


Apple DRM illegal in Norway: Ombudsman

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's digital rights management lock on its iPod device and iTunes
| software is illegal, the Consumer Ombudsman in Norway has ruled. The
| blow follows the news that Germany and France are joining Norway's
| action against Apple.


Record labels rethink digital rights management at Midem

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that even digital music revenue growth is faltering amid
| rampant file-sharing by consumers, the major record labels are
| closer than ever to releasing music on the Internet with no
| copying restrictions -- a step they once vowed never
| to take.


VirginMega adopts DRM-free MP3 on its music store

,----[ Quote ]
| VirginMega.fr, by Lagardere, is adding more than 200,000 tracks
| available in the MP3 256k format. So far, the store only offered
| Microsoft's PlayForSure WMA 192k tracks, and only made a few
| tracks available as an experiment in a similar way as Yahoo did.
| However, France is the first country where a full-DRM store adopts
| MP3 on a large scale.


EMI abandons CD DRM 

,----[ Quote ]
| EMI has announced that it will no longer infect its CDs with DRM. I
| remember just a few years ago when an EMI customer-service rep sent
| an email to an irate customer promising that every CD in Europe would
| have DRM within a decade.


Amazon Soon Opening DRM-free MP3 Store

,----[ Quote ]
| Looks like rumors are afloat that Amazon is planning on a late
| first quarter 2007 launch of a new music download store. In an
| already crowded music download market, Amazon hopes to differentiate
| itself in two major ways...


Music to be offered in MP3 file format

,----[ Quote ]
| After years of selling online music digitally wrapped with copy
| and playback restrictions designed to hinder piracy, major music
| labels are beginning to make some songs available in the
| unrestricted MP3 file format.


Microsoft launches 'PlayReady' DRM system

,----[ Quote ]
| Although digital rights management (DRM) is popular with content
| creators, it has attracted criticism. Sony was widely attacked after
| using a rootkit-like application to hide content protection on some
| music CDs, and earlier this month Apple CEO Steve Jobs called on
| the music industry to drop its use of DRM.


Vista Month: Welcome To The DRM?

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite some software snafu's, notably iTunes and Camera Raw data
| mangling, we've been cautiously optimistic about Windows Vista.
| However there is one elephant in the room that we haven't addressed
| -- DRM. As it ships Windows Vista has support for DRM built
| into very low-level areas of the OS.


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