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[News] [SOT] AMD/NVidia Price Fixing?

[Okay, so it's now official:]

NVIDIA Facing 51 Pending Lawsuits

,----[ Quote ]
| NVIDIA under fire for anti-competitive and price fixing business practices


Somewhat relevant because the software monopoly fixes the price against
/itself/, i.e. overcharges.


Lawsuit Against Microsoft Set for Court

,----[ Quote ]
| The case claims Microsoft violated Iowa's antitrust laws and harmed
| customers by illegally overcharging for its software, by denying class
| members free choice in software products and the benefits of software
| innovation, and by making computers increasingly susceptible to
| security breaches.


Samsung US executive gets 8 months for price-fixing

,----[ Quote ]
| A marketing executive with the U.S. unit of Samsung Electronics Co.
| Ltd. agreed to plead guilty and serve prison time for taking part in
| price-fixing in the computer memory chip business, the U.S. Justice
| Department said Thursday.


FTC Finds Rambus Unlawfully Obtained Monopoly Power

,----[ Quote ]
| In an opinion by Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour, the Commission
| found that, through a course of deceptive conduct, Rambus was able to
| distort a critical standard-setting process and engage in an
| anticompetitive "hold up" of the computer memory industry.
| [...]
| In June 2002, the FTC charged Rambus with violating federal antitrust
| laws by deliberately engaging in a pattern of anticompetitive acts to
| deceive an industry-wide standard-setting organization, which
| caused or threatened to cause substantial harm to competition
| and consumers...


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