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Re: [Liar] Larry Qualig ...

__/ [ AB ] on Sunday 27 May 2007 23:17 \__

> On 2007-05-27, Roy Culley <mrloy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> begin  risky.vbs
>> <1180100715.003886.313460@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>> Larry Qualig <lqualig@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>> There isn't even a remote mention of secret contract signing
>>> meetings anywhere in this article. Not one.
>> You accusing Roy S of lying is laughable. You have accused me of
>> plagiarism and have 'proof'. Yet you do not post any proof even when
>> I've bent over backwards to enable you to do so.
>> You are a liar qualig as you clearly have no proof. Put up or
>> apologise [spelt correctly] arsehole.
> LieSureSuits Larry won't put up. He thought he'd get away with
> badgering you. It isn't working and he's stuck now. He won't try to
> save face. He'll just have another round and be satisfied that his
> fellow troll idiots going along with his fraud.
> I know *I'd* be really happy that the likes of Timmy and Hadone Quirk
> were backing me, but not a single person with any credibility.

He hasn't credibility?

                ~~ Best regards

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