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Re: What do Linux freaks smoke? I want some!

ali.babba.singh@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Things I have read in this group.
> Linux taking over the desktop from Microsoft?
True it is

> Intellectual property does not exist.
You need to understand the argument, this is to simplistic

> Roy Schestowitz has Microsoft running scared from Linux and the Linux
> community.
Not true

> Microsoft is losing business.
True, but in some areas it is gaining such as its move to a software

> Microsoft are criminals.
They are.

> Novell, Linspire and Xandros are Microsoft shills.
No just frightened by M$ FUD

> If Microsoft disappeared tomorrow, the world would continue to
> function without problems.
Wrong problems would be arise, but the end result would be a lot less

> Linux is mature enough to handle publishing, video and audio editing
> at the same level as other environments.
Its is and then some.

> Copyrights and patents are evil.
No, they have been perverted from the their true intent.

> Proprietary information should be free and open for all to see.
No it is preferred, but people have the right to choose how they present

> There is some huge conspiracy against Linux and Linux users.
That is plain daft, yes certain corporate companies do conspire against
Linux, but its not some grand conspiracy

> Windows users are ignorant, as a rule.
Misguided in some cases, certainly not ignorant, if you were ignorant you
would have no chance using Microsoft bloatware, just look at how much time
a windows user spends managing their box against that of a Linux who simple
uses their box.

> Linux users are smart, as a rule.
Enlightened and probable smarter as they understand the benefits to them

> Linux gaming is great (that's my favorite).
> Wine/Cedaga actually work better than Windows, or the same
> applications run under Windows.
This is true for a select amount of games that do run better, due to lower
overheads under linux, but a lot of games written for the Windows platform
will not run or perform under linux
> OpenOffice is a good or better than MSOffice.
In my opinion it is, I have to admin people were some use MSoffice and other
who use OpenOffice, guess were most frustrations are vented.

> Companies and Winshills are being paid to "diss" Linux.
No some people are so scared of change, and have an almost pathalogical
resistance to taking control of their own lives, they attack what they fear

> And the list could go on for pages.
> The bottom line is that even if everything in that list, and more,
> were true, Linux is FREE.
Why do you have such a pathalogical fear over what you don't understand, be
open, take a balanced view, if Linux is not your thing, then great, linux
users don't care if you use windows or an abacus, they do care that you
have a choice to make up your own mind and not ridicule your perversion to
support a company with the background that Microsoft has.

> The real question is why are people willing to pay for Windows and
> commercial Windows software when LINUX IS FREE  ???
> Answer that question and you will know why Linux has somewhere around
> 1 percent of the desktop market share.

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