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Re: [News] [Rival] Microsoft's Windows Home Server is a bad joke

____/ SomeBloke on Thursday 18 October 2007 13:26 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ____/ SomeBloke on Thursday 18 October 2007 11:37 : \____
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> </snip>
>>> You can guarantee that Server 2008 will be even more a bloated pile of
>>> crap than 2003. Unfortunately, I have experience of 'administering' 2003
>>> and what a waste of space it is. Having to restart it on a regular basis
>>> because of installing 'updates' and having it take 20 minutes to shut
>>> down and start-up again is a pain in the arse. Fielding phone calls from
>>> disgruntled users who suddenly find that they can't access their files
>>> during this process in spite of being told this was going to happen is
>>> another.
>>> WHS will NOT find a home anywhere near my clients, and anyone of them who
>>> even asks me about it will be beaten around the head until they beg for
>>> mercy!
>> SomeBloke, Longhorn/Server 2008 is going to be as much of a flop as Vista,
>> if not a bigger flop (they share the same codebase, i.e. DNA). It's not my
>> opinion and it's not wishful thinking. There's too much evidence which PR
>> can hide, for now.
> When I took on one of my business clients they were using an XP Home desktop
> machine as a server for their Sage Line package and wondering why a
> different desktop's connection was being terminated when another was
> connecting. It was only when I pointed out that Home could only handle 5
> simultaneous connections that the penny dropped. Why would they think
> differently? Windows is Windows after all, why would you want to pay more
> for XP Pro? And again why pay through the nose for MS Server? Though if
> this company's network grows any more they will need a dedicated file
> server.
> What do you think I should recommend?  Server 2008 or a Linux server
> package? It seems like a simple choice to me, Linux all the way.

Sometimes the coin just fails to fall in. They used to think the world was flat
too, and abused those who dared to claim otherwise.

                ~~ Best of wishes

For governments that eavesdrop, here is a quick list of tags: Communism,
Hawaiian shirts, China, Suitcase, Martha Stewart, Encryption, Prison, Stalin.
Thanks for tuning in.

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