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Re: [News] Yet another Linux based product from Nokia

____/ [H]omer on Wednesday 17 October 2007 21:51 : \____

> Nokia releases new version of Linux tablet
> .----
> |    Nokia Corp. announced on Wednesday the latest version of its
> | Linux-based tablet device, this time with a full keyboard.
> `----
> http://open.itworld.com/4917/071017nokiatablet/page_1.html
> Unlike most tablets, this one has a slide-out keyboard.
> There seems to be an unprecedented amount of buzz surrounding this
> little gem. Have a look for yourself, and see why:
> http://www.engadget.com/2007/10/17/nokia-n810-gets-official/

There were some leaked photos that showed it some months ago. Looks very
tempting. Better than pinchy-touchy iPhone that costs a lot more (even without
the AT&T death trap).

iPhone killer Nokia n810 the sexy Linux based phone to be released

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokia today introduced the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, signifying a new phase 
| in portable internet communication. You have ability to connect this 
| pocket-sized device to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot or over your Bluetooth 
| mobile phone.   


Photos on page. More here:

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Officially Announced


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