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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's 'Laptop of Shame' Tossed by eBay

eBay Yanks Sale of Hacked Vista Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| Macaulay, a researcher with the Security Objectives consultancy, was one of 
| two hackers to claim laptops and cash prizes for penetrating systems during 
| last week's contest. Organizers offered Vista, Mac OS and Linux-based laptops 
| for the taking, along with prizes that varied from US$5,000 to $20,000, 
| depending on the difficulty of the exploit. By Friday, however, only the 
| Linux laptop remained unbreached.     


Last week:

With Vista breached, Linux unbeaten in hacking contest

,----[ Quote ]
| The MacBook Air went first; a tiny Fujitsu laptop running Vista was hacked on 
| the last day of the contest; but it was Linux, running on a Sony Vaio, that 
| remained undefeated as conference organizers ended a three-way computer 
| hacking challenge Friday at the CanSecWest conference.   



Why Linux is More Secure Than Windows

,----[ Gist ]
| Much better patch management tools...
| Much stronger default configuration...
| Modular Design...
| Better tools to protect against zero-day attacks...
| Open Source Architecture...
| Diverse Environment...


Linux Security: A Big Edge Over Windows


The problems with Vista laid bare - What might have been


Why Windows is less secure than Linux


Microsoft Windows: Insecure by Design


If Only We Knew Then What We Know Now About Windows XP


Why Windows is a security nightmare.


The Structural Failures of Windows


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