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Re: [News] Vapourware to the Rescue of Sagging Sales of XPox360 [sic]?

____/ Philip on Monday 14 April 2008 22:44 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Forget the motion-sensitive remote, Microsoft, just fix Xbox 360
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Well, in Game Guy’s opinion, the answer is “no” to all three, because one
>> | huge problem still stands in the way of any new technology helping lift
>> | Xbox 360’s fortunes: the Xbox itself.
>> | 
>> | [...]
>> | 
>> | Most independent, semi-scientific investigations point to inefficient
>> | cooling as the problem, as the high temperatures inside the console warp
>> | the motherboard and dislodge connectors. While Microsoft has said it
>> | continues to try solving the problem, true satisfaction may not come to
>> | Xbox users until Microsoft redesigns the system.
>> | 
>> | There are two basic problems here: One is MTV passing off as news some
>> | rumor it can’t be bothered to verify with cited sources. And the other —
>> | if the rumor proves true — is Microsoft glossing over Xbox 360’s failures
>> | to spend time and money copying a rival’s technology. Because no matter if
>> | the Xbox “wiimote” smacks of success, its legacy is doomed for being
>> | married to such a troubled console.
>> `----
> Which goes to show you that a SW company know nothing of bringing high
> quality HW to market. Classic mistakes of a design shop with little
> practical experience in reliable HW design methods. Perhaps MS
> management ran roughshod over any experienced engineers they did have. A
> little bird told me that MS has been bringing in more experienced HW
> engineers to fix this.

The Japanese (maybe the Chinese also) appear to be ahead in that regard. One of
the guys who studies the XBox 360's internal and called it a mess was
Japanese, IIRC.

It's truly astounding that even in the US, the top 3 (best-selling) consoles
are Japanese and the last one (fourth) is the American one. 

Apple shows that excuses for bad hardware are not a national thing, but then
again it mainly integrates components, so it's a question of design morelike.

Speaking of poor hardware, the Zune is based on a failed Toshiba WinCE device.
The Zune had some serious bugs at the time and it's hardly heard from anymore.
It'll just go the way of the dodo... another budget drainer among many more.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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