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[News] GNU/Linux Grows as Web-based Applications Take Over

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Linux and Web 2.0: the Killer Combo

,----[ Quote ]
| I said I wouldn't post as much about technology unrelated to the Web, but I 
| have noticed that Linux is a hot topic on Digg right now. The OS - and, let's
face it, Linux is easier to define when we just view it as an OS - has been
gaining momentum ever since Windows Vista turned into a nightmare for
Microsoft. Actually, the word "momentum" is probably too strong, it is more
like "gaining a little traction after spinning its wheels for so long" or
maybe "finally emerging from complete obscurity". 


Hosted E-Mail Explosion Forecast

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of hosted e-mail seats will grow by nearly 40% in the next four 
| years, with small-to-midsize businesses contributing to a portion of the 
| boost, according to a new study by The Radicati Group.  
| The study shows there are nearly 1.6 billion hosted e-mail seats today and 
| that number by 2012 will hit 2.2 billion, which represents an annual average 
| growth rate of 9%. The numbers include both enterprise and consumer e-mail.  



,----[ Quote ]
| From: billg
| Sent: Thursday, April 06, 1995 2:55 PM
| To: craigmu; nathanm; paulma; peteh; russs
| Cc: brianf
| Subject: Internet as a business tool
| I know I am a broken record on this but I think our plans continue to 
| underestimate the importance of an OPEN unified approach for the internet.
| The demo I saw today when Windows 95 was showing its Internet capability 
| was someone calling up the Fedex page on the internet and typing in a 
| package number and getting the status.
| Imagine how much work it would have been for Fedex to call us up and get 
| that running on MSN and negociate with us. Instead they just set it up. 
| A very simple way to reach out to their customers.
| The continued enhancement of the browser standards is amazing to me. Now 
| its security and 3d and tables - what will it within the next several 
| years? Intelligent controls, directory - everything we are trying to 
| define as standards.
| ..
| The analogy here is that the major sin that Microsoft made with Netware 
| was to let Novell offer a better (actually smaller & faster, with 
| simpler protocol) client for networking. This got to critical mass and 
| can now evolve both client and server together. Hence we had and still 
| have a really hard time displacing Novell at the server.
| In fact I am still of the opinion that we will not really deliver a 
| really telling blow against Netware until we make some significant 
| user-visible, client-side feature that Novell would have trouble 
| matching in their servers. One of the reasons why I remain such a 
| fanatic OFS believer.


Adobe may launch Office rival

,----[ Quote ]
| Adobe is pumping significant resources into Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR,
| formerly known as Apollo), which gives developers a way to take code written
| for the web browser and repurpose it for the desktop.
| It is the AIR platform which excites many observers, and which could give
| Adobe a solid starting point for the launch of office applications.

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