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[News] Wintel Press on Commercial Adoption of Free Software, Linux

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The Commercial Bear Hug Of Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| At first glance, the words "commercial open source" seem like a contradiction 
| in terms. Isn't open source a community-based movement that was set to 
| overtake the world of commercial software? Wasn't the famous LAMP stack, 
| Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl, Python and PHP going to open a world in which 
| software existed outside the traditional realm of property? You know, 
| free--not like free beer, but like free speech?     
| [...]
| Commercial, as in services: Open source software became so powerful that 
| consulting firms formed to put it to use. Optaros is a systems integrator 
| that started out with an emphasis on using open source components, but now 
| all of the large systems integrators have thriving practices that make use of 
| open source. Start-ups like Source Labs and Spike Source started life selling 
| services to support and certify the quality of bundles of open source. A 
| variety of smaller companies like BlueNog have models that combine open 
| source, proprietary extensions and professional services. But when you get to 
| the big time, commercial and open source are fellow travelers.        




Open-Source Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, Adoption Rising

,----[ Quote ]
| Open-source databases MySQL and PostgreSQL are gaining steam, but
| rip-and-replace situations where MySQL and PostgreSQL replace Oracle
| Database, IBM DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server databases remain rare.



Australian open source industry worth $500 million

,----[ Quote ]
| "The industry as a whole is earning $500 million," said Jeff Waugh,
| co-founder of Waugh Partners, which conducted the survey online late last
| year. "Directly open source related earnings are about $300 million, but the
| reason why we're distinguishing between these numbers is the industry is not
| just companies that build open source software. They also use open source
| products to support other parts of their business as well."
| Waugh said the figure was calculated by taking the midpoint earnings figures
| specified by companies who took part, and extrapolating over the broader ICT
| industry using existing data such as surveys by the Australian Bureau of
| Statistics and Australian Computer Society. Waugh Partners estimates the
| respondents represent about a quarter of the overall industry.

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