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[News] Demo of Linux and X Running on Nintendo Wii

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Wii-Linux + T2 SDE Linux 6.0 + X Server Running XD

,----[ Quote ]
| This video is from nuvalo who writes: "This is the latest kernel from 
| Wii-Linux, which supports USB, Bluetooth, etc. This video shows how it boots 
| T2 SDE for PowerPC, with its X server and the login. The colors are messed up 
| as the X server writes its colors in RGB format, and the Wii frame buffer 
| only supports yuv2. Anyway, it is possible to run an X server without too 
| much effort."     



Twilight Hack returns to knock out Wii Menu 3.3

,----[ Quote ]
| Now the HackMii folks are back with Twilight Hack v0.1beta1, which bests Wii
| Menu 3.3, along with some other improvements for homebrew usage. We can't
| tell if this is incompetence or benevolence on Nintendo's part, or perhaps
| these hackers are just that good, but either way we're lovin' it JT-style.


Toshiba Unveils Laptop With Cell-Derived Chip

,----[ Quote ]
| The first laptops to make use of the SpursEngine, a multimedia co-processor
| derived from the Cell chip that powers the PlayStation 3, will go on sale in
| Japan in July.
| [...]
| The operating system will run on an Intel Core 2 Duo chip and the SpursEngine
| will be called on to handle processor-intensive tasks, such as processing of
| high-definition video. This arrangement means the laptop should be capable of
| some tricks that haven't been seen on machines until now.


Linux on a Wii

,----[ Quote ]
| Today I played around a bit with the stuff done by the Wii homebrew/hacking
| community, which is far more advanced than I had expected.


Want to Run Linux on Your Nintendo Wii?

,----[ Quote ]
| You'll need a GameCube SD card adapter, a 1GB (or higher) SD card, a copy of
| Zelda (for the Wii), and of course, a Nintendo Wii itself. Next, you'll need
| to make sure your version of Zelda is one of the anointed -- apparently not
| all copies of Zelda are created equal. Finally, you'll have to do a bunch of
| extracting, copying, renaming, deleting, saving, etc., load the game, load a
| hacked save file and actually talk to a guy in-game to trigger the loader,
| which drops you out to a black and white screen, at which point you get to
| have fun figuring out how to load Linux itself.      



Wii Been Hacked! Runs Cutest Linux Ever!

,----[ Quote ]
| We all knew it was just a matter of time, but now we have video evidence. The
| Wii has been totally haxored! That's right, just check out the video below
| and take a look at what these guys have accomplished. In all honestly, about
| half of what they say is Greek to me, but I'm impressed with the final result
| nonetheless.    


Nintendo Wii fully hacked for native homebrew

,----[ Quote ]
| The Wii was compromised pretty early on to be able to play burned discs and
| GameCube homebrew such as Linux, but until now Nintendo has managed to
| isolate Wii hardware such as the extra horsepower of the console and wireless
| connectivity from hackers. But the walls are coming down. Some hackers from
| Germany have just showed off their fully hacked Wii at the 24th Annual Chaos
| Communication Congress.    


Linux 3D graphics access on PS3 found  

,----[ Quote ]
| A method has been found to reach Linux 3D Graphics on the PS3. A number of
| hackers have clubbed together to release a draft kernel module for this along
| with a relevant Xorg driver.  

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