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Re: [News] Top EPO Figure: Patents Are Moot in Age of Cooperation

Homer <usenet@xxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> Verily I say unto thee, that Mark Kent spake thusly:
>> And the same extension argument can be placed on the recorded CD 
>> argument. If you've bought a CD, then presumably, downloading someone
>> else's rip ought to be okay.
>> Unfortunately, the music/film industries don't see it that way, 
>> mainly because it's quite difficult to police.
> The problem is that the "IP" industry sells /licences/ as though they
> were /products/. Either I'm "licensed" to view particular content or I'm
> not. If I pay for a licence /once/ then I should never have to pay that
> licence again, but the way the "IP" industry works is that they demand
> that I pay the /same/ licence for the /same/ content, over and over again.
> /That/ is extortion, pure and simple.

I agree.  they're been reselling back catalogue every time a new format
comes along.  I think that they also rely quite heavily on the
"disposable culture" thinking, so that people don't look after their
CDs, tapes and so on, thus need to replace them on a fairly regular

> Think of it this way: If you pay a membership fee for a club, lets say
> £300, and in return for that money you receive both membership (license)
> and a membership card (material costs), but you subsequently misplace
> your membership card ... should you have to pay the full £300 fee just
> to get a replacement card?
> But that's exactly what the "IP" industry insists on. It's the most
> blatant form of racketeering, and yet it's actually *enforced by law*.
> Sickening.

You don't have to convince me, I agree that it's a nasty method of doing

> I pay a TV licence (actually a *tax* since I have no choice in the
> matter) that gives me the "permission" to view broadcast content (and
> listen to music on the radio). Given that nearly every film; television
> programme; and song ever recorded has probably been broadcast at least
> once over the service that I've already /paid/ for, then by my
> calculations I should never have to pay /another/ "licence" for that
> content ever again.

This is my argument around the mythtv thing.  As you've already paid for
the content.

> And yet when I purchase a DVD or audio CD I still have to pay the full
> licence component of that "product", in addition to the material costs.
> Why?
> Is the "IP" industry's accounting difficulties /my/ problem?
> Certainly they have /made/ it my problem.

They've worked the legal systems for about a century or more now, in
order to get to the position they're in.  Unfortunately for them,
though, the internet came along and tipped the board.

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