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[News] Dell Makes GNU/Linux Laptops Cheaper, Mobility Seems the Future

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Select Dell Notebooks Now Cheaper With Ubuntu + Retail Vista Than Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Since Dell has recently added several new models to the Ubuntu line, I 
| decided to do price comparisons between the Linux and Windows models. I tried 
| to get the systems as close as possible, but in a few cases there are very 
| minor differences.   


Digital nomad drives laptop sales

,----[ Quote ]
| The demands of the digital nomad is expected to drive laptop sales to over 
| one billion in the next five years. 
| The prediction by Dell came as it unveiled 10 new laptop models aimed at this 
| emerging working class.  


The MSBBC forgot to mention that many of these laptops run GNU/Linux (on board
or as the primary O/S).


Dell’s comeback machine

,----[ Quote ]
| There are some surprises beneath the surface of the Latitude line as well.
| One is an optional Linux-based low-power mode called Dell Latitude On, which
| boots in two seconds. It offers more than a day’s worth of battery life for
| basic tasks like web surfing, Exchange e-mail, and viewing e-mail
| attachments, and runs on an ARM-based (ARMH) chip rather than the main Intel
| processor. (HP and Lenovo laptops offer similar Linux modes, but with fewer
| capabilities.)


Dell to launch 'Eee PC beater' today

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell is expected to unveil its eagerly anticipated attempt to out-Eee Asus'
| Eee PC later today at an event focused on a "new generation of mobility
| products".


Dell shipping five Hardy Heron systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell is shipping two new laptops with widescreen LCD displays and Ubuntu
| Hardy Heron (8.04) operating systems with DVD playback. Additionally, the
| largest U.S. PC maker has started offering Hardy Heron on three models
| previously available with the earlier Gutsy Gibbon Ubuntu release.

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