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Re: [News] Collection of Funny GNU/Linux T-shirts

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____/ thufir on Tuesday 12 August 2008 22:42 : \____

> On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 20:23:44 +0100, Homer wrote:
>> Verily I say unto thee, that Linonut spake thusly:
>>> We were in my wife's favorite department store the other day. They had
>>> a rack full of Chuck Norris tee-shirts.
>>>    "Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door."
>>>    "The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain."
>>> And the one with a matrix of pictures of Chuck Norris with the same
>>> expression, each labelled:
>>>    Joy
>>>    Sadness
>>>    Sympathy
>>>    ...
>> It's funny how there's this whole subculture around Chuck Norris,
>> although I must admit I didn't get it at first, because I don't think
>> I've ever seen any of his films (that I remember anyway), so I didn't
>> really know who he was until a couple of years ago.
>> http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com
>> There's a similar kind of "camp" subculture around David Hasselhoff,
>> only with fewer jokes.
> Because Hasselhoff requires no punchline ;)

A clip of him running with a box of Vista would be the perfect deterrent.

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