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[News] GNU/Linux Takes Big Irons

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The Mainframe Still Lives

,----[ Quote ]
| Listen up, boys and girls, the mainframe is not dead; in fact, it's very much 
| alive. Every few years, people predict that the mainframe is on its last legs 
| and will be taken over by the technology du jour.  
| [...]
| Kernochan said that the growth in demand for the mainframe has led IBM to 
| enhance its own mainframe administrative tools in two ways. One is through 
| incorporating features from, or integrating with, Linux platforms. The other 
| is through adding to its collection of tools for the z/OS operating system.   


LinMin(TM) Enables any Open Source or Proprietary Application to Provision
Linux and Windows Systems From Bare Metal

,----[ Quote ]
| LinMin, provider of the award-winning LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning(TM) 
| solution, today unveiled Release 5.2, featuring a new Application Programming 
| Interface (API), single-command installation, numerous feature enhancements 
| and support for the provisioning and imaging of additional platforms. The API 
| is designed to allow customers and partners to integrate LinMin Bare Metal 
| Provisioning into environments that presently cannot do bare metal 
| provisioning of Microsoft Windows(R), Red Hat(R), Novell(R), Ubuntu(R), 
| CentOS, Fedora or Asianux on physical systems or virtual machines.       



Linux still super in Top500

,----[ Quote ]
| In the June 2008 Top500 list, Linux still lives large with a role in 92% of
| systems (It is the only OS for 85.4%, but when considering all distributions
| (SUSE, Red Hat, CentOS, and general ‘Linux,’ as well as mixed uses that
| include Linux, I figure the share is more like the 92%).

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