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Re: [News] Microsoft-affiliated Press Covers GNU/Linux (Half of All Recommendations)

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____/ bbgruff on Tuesday 12 August 2008 23:41 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> ____/ bbgruff on Tuesday 12 August 2008 22:49 : \____
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Get A Brand New Computer For Less
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>> | Linux? What’s that?
>>>> |
>>>> | Perplexed as to what ‘Linux’ actually is? You’re not alone. On my part,
>>>> | when I first came across Linux on my friend’s computer at university, my
>>>> | exact response was, ‘Who’s that?’
>>>> |
>>>> | Put simply, Linux is a free operating system that can be used as an
>>>> | alternative to Windows on your PC. But how easy is Linux to use as an
>>>> | OS?
>>>> `----
>>>> http://tinyurl.com/6cysnw
>>> Perhaps nobody else shares what passes for *my* sense of humour, but....
>>> "For my money, unless you know what you’re doing, I think it’s worth paying
>>> that little bit more to get an OS you are familiar with"
>> It's amazing enough that Microsoft's fan 'press' even gives so much room to
>> Microsoft's #1 rival.
> Not just the press!....
> Quoting from page 2 of link below:-
> Battery Life and Instant-On
> Dell promises a very impressive 19 hour battery life on its E6400 Latitude
> laptop — but there is a hitch.
> The computer actually get around 10 hours on its standard 9-cell Lithium Ion
> battery. The advertised battery time includes an additional 12-cell
> battery "slice" that connects to the bottom of the laptop, and, of course,
> costs extra.
> Dell also previewed an upcoming feature for its notebooks called Latitude ON
> which allows near-instant access to basic functions such as e-mail, calendar,
> and internet without booting into the system's main OS.
> The technology has already been making rounds in various shapes and sizes
> such as DeviceVM's Splashtop and Phoenix Technologies' Hyperspace. We've been
> expecting a major vendor to scoop this up, much to the chagrin of Microsoft.
> Although E4200 and E4300 models are already hardware capable, Latitude ON
> isn't expected to make its debut for a couple of months. Dell said the
> technology uses a dedicated low-voltage sub-processor and a Linux-based OS
> that can enable multi-day battery life. Dell said the technology was "driven"
> in-house, but developed in conjunction with other companies.
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/08/12/dell_latitude_refresh_2008/

Yes, with ASUS (DeviceVM), I suspects. That's what Phoronix said. Damn
those 'viral' Luneex boards.

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