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Re: Microsoft's Partner Group Says GNU/Linux' Desktop Market Share is 4%

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____/ Rex Ballard on Wednesday 13 August 2008 00:31 : \____

> On Aug 11, 1:06 pm, "Phil Da Lick!"
> <phil_the_lickREMOVETHISSPAMT...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> > | computers account for more than 90% of unit sales,
>> > |. Linux 4%, Gartner says.
> Keep in mind this is the "As Shipped" status.
> It makes no attempt to estimate what happens to machines initially
> sold with Windows that might have Linux installed by end users.

When I bought my last PC, I didn't buy it with GNU/Linux. I guess it makes me
not a Linux users, according to these experts.

>> >http://ca.biz.yahoo.com/ibd/080807/tech.html?.v=1
>> Bound to be wrong. The mighty bbc says 0.8% so 0.8% it is.
> This is based on a server that only counts the IP addresses of
> machines that ONLY Run Linux, and will run ActiveX controls.  Probably
> less than 1% of all Linux configurations have this capability (running
> Crossover, with ActiveX plug-in for FireFox).

Here's a new video (a series of them).


This systems admin from the Johnson County Community College in Kansas City
says that 15% to 25% of all users at her college are Linux users, to quote the
producer. She says it very confidently.

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