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Re: Microsoft's Partner Group Says GNU/Linux' Desktop Market Share is 4%

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____/ Homer on Wednesday 13 August 2008 11:36 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> When I bought my last PC, I didn't buy it with GNU/Linux. I guess it
>> makes me not a Linux users, according to these experts.

> You mean [quote]experts[/quote].

[scare_quotes /]

> Yes, this is the secondary effect of how forced bundling of Windows
> inhibits Free Software. Not only are end-users not being offered Linux
> in the first place, but then "experts" like the Partner Group® take
> these zero-sale/low-sale figures for Linux and present it as though
> nobody actually /wants/ Linux, whereas the reality is that it's being
> stifled by Microsoft's MoUs with OEMs. This in turn leads companies to
> believe Windows is better because it's the "market leader", taking the
> Parter Group's® evaluation at face value, whilst being ignorant of (or
> simply not caring about) exactly /how/ Windows attained this status
> (i.e. through racketeering).

It's a self-fulfilling supply&demand game.

> The only way to break this vicious cycle, is to break the vicious
> company that instigated and perpetuates it - Microsoft.
> Personally I'll never buy a prebuilt system with Windows preinstalled
> ever again, even if that means I have to keep building my own from
> components. My biggest problem is that this isn't possible with laptops
> (which I greatly prefer to desktops), and although Linux laptops are
> available, my choices are still rather limited ... thanks to Microsoft.

Vista wounded them. They know it.

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