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Re: [News] The AstroTurfing Plague is Real

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____/ Mark Kent on Tuesday 12 August 2008 09:44 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> China's Online Persuaders
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| China's webspace is infamous for censorship, but increasingly, public
>>| relations firms there are helping their clients "manage" online
>>| conversations. China-based firms such as Daqi, Chinese Web Union and
>>| CIC "charge $500 - $25,000 monthly to monitor postings and squelch negative
>>| information or to create positive buzz," reports BusinessWeek.
>> `----
>> http://www.prwatch.org/node/7451
> Will outsourcing never end - now you can even outsource your /trolling/!
> Wow.

This was removed:

MSN Is Spamming The Blogosphere

,----[ Quote ]
| Mr. Youth LLC is a marketing firm and lists MSN as a customer.  Their
| website is here: http://www.mryouth.com/  Their phone number is
| (212) 779-8700.
| I've talked to a couple of other bloggers who said they are receiving
| similar comments on their blogs.  This pisses me off because MSN/Mr.
| Youth should 1) be more upfront about their true identity, and 2)
| provide a real e-mail address so that I can request they take my
| blog off their marketing campaign.


It's a marketing company.

Go to mryouth.com and see that Microsoft is still their client. That would be a
crime in Europe now, wouldn't it? They trash blogs on behalf of Microsoft (by
proxy, as usual).

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