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[News] Lawyers Antipathetic to Free (Libre) Software

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Why lawyers don't like Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| No lawyer would ever be paid the same rates for a third-rate article about 
| FOSS as he/she is paid for listening to a client - hence my scepticism. 
| But, surprisingly, over the past three months two members of the legal 
| profession have taken the time to pen what they, no doubt, consider to be 
| serious objections to the use of FOSS.  | 
| In one case, I went into detail about the article and pointed out some of the 
| areas in which it was deficient in reasoning.  


,----[ Quote ]
| Here's a list of organizations that are Anti-Linux. See if you can find the 
| common denominator. 
| Microsoft
| Geek Squad (although they all use it at home themselves)
| Brick and Mortar stores.
| Lawyers
| Proprietary Vendors. 


Microsoft is still a company of marketers and layers. It's just /buying/
software (companies).


Attorneys in Microsoft antitrust case to get $1.44 million more

,----[ Quote ]
| The lawyers had been awarded $4.2 million for their work on a lawsuit that
| resulted in a 2006 settlement of $224 million for Wisconsin customers of the
| software giant. The legal fees award was far less than the $22 million the
| lawyers were seeking, but Microsoft had argued that the lawyers deserved
| nothing.



Lobbying Could Cause Legal Trouble for Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| "In the wake of the exposure of Microsoft's attempt to buy Sweden's vote on
| OOXML and Sweden's annulment of that vote due to irregularities, IBM's Rob
| Weir points out that the fiasco could cause anti-trust worries for Microsoft.
| He quotes ALLIED TUBE & CONDUIT CORP. v. INDIAN HEAD, INC., 486 U.S. 492
| (1988), which says 'What petitioner may not do (without exposing itself to
| possible antitrust liability for direct injuries) is bias the process by, as
| in this case, stacking the private standard-setting body with decision makers
| sharing their economic interest in restraining competition.'"


Microsoft Still a Monopoly, 7 State Attorneys Say

,----[ Quote ]
| The report maintains that Microsoft's comingling violation has not been
| effectively addressed, that Microsoft remains in possession of the fruits of
| its violation and that the competitive conditions prior to Microsoft's
| anticompetitive conduct have not been restored.


Microsoft Lawyer Fees Focus in Iowa

,----[ Quote
| Microsoft settled the Iowa case for $179.95 million in April.

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