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[News] Review of the Latest gOS (GNU/Linux)

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[A Look at gOS]

,----[ Quote ]
| In early November of 2007, the gOS Linux Operating System was presented along 
| with the Everex gPC available at Wal-Mart and on-line. The gPC desktop system 
| was priced at 9 and its early succes must be attributed to the gOS 1.0 
| Operating system based on Ubuntu 7.10 + enlightenment. The original gOS 1.0 
| OS offered many enhancements over it's Ubuntu base, the most noticeable being 
| links to interact with Web 2.0 applications by Google and other vendors. 
| These applications included Facebook, Blogger, Google searches, Wikipedia, 
| Youtube and more.       



Impressions: gOS 3 Gadgets BETA

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall gOS is great. It does try a little too much to be like a mac, with
| the dock on the bottom, the one bar on top, and moving the window buttons
| from the top right to the top left. None of these things are standard in
| Ubuntu, but they aren’t enough to keep me from thinking that the new gOS is a
| keeper.


Gadgets, WINE, and LXDE at LinuxWorld Expo

,----[ Quote ]
| gOS, the Linux OS known for its debut in the $199 Wal-Mart gPC and NetBooks,
| today announced the details of the newest version of its Linux operating
| system for consumers, called gOS 3 Gadgets.


gOS Space: OSX-like operating system without the Apple

,----[ Quote ]
| I have to admit I went into this thinking it was going to take a lot to win
| me over. I am a devout Enlightenment fan and it would take absolute
| brilliance to pull me, kicking and screaming, from E17. gOS Space nearly does
| this. Nearly. While gOS is amazingly stable (for such an effects-centric
| operating system), it will not be able to update to the latest version of
| Ubuntu. Space is based on 7.10 and has the distribution upgrade disabled.
| Instead, the next revision of Space will be based on 8.04.


gOS and Sylvania's g netbook series

,----[ Quote ]
| Today we’re announcing on our blog that we’ve launched a new 7” netbook with
| Sylvania, one of the most trusted consumer brands in the world…
| Called the Sylvania g netbook, it is the first of a future series of Sylvania
| netbooks to come and feature gOS inside.


Review : gOS 2.0 Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| Conclusion : gOS is an extremely usable and user friendly Linux distribution.
| It actually brings much needed breath of fresh air to stagnant desktop Linux
| market (Dominated by Ubuntu and other distribution which are pretty similar
| with nothing radically different) . The future of operating system is
| certainly taking things online making operating system more of an interface
| to the applications available online and gOS takes a small step forward in
| this direction by integrating all kind of online applications into the gOS
| desktop and making the interface extremely user friendly.Also selling
| computers preloaded with gOS in Wallmart is another step in right direction .
| Overall gOS is highly impressive Desktop Linux distribution and one
| distribution to look forward to making in future.          


My review of gOS Space

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're a casual computer user who doesn't want to use Vista, this may be a
| great OS for you. If you like the Mac desktop, but aren't willing to shell
| out the exorbitant price for one, this also may be ideal for you. It's a
| great choice as a first Linux distro, and if you want to use Linux but the  
| rest of your family don't, this may well be the distro to make them change
| their minds.    



Review: gOS 2.0 Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| THE idea of low-cost computers running Linux operating systems is steadily
| gathering ground in the market place. In the UK, Dell report steady interest
| in their range of Ubuntu-driven machines, and the diminutive Asus Eee,
| running a customised Xandros desktop, has been a global sensation. Then
| there's America, where Everex's range of PCs featuring the upstart Linux
| distribution known as gOS have been selling out faster than they can make
| them. But can cheap and cheerful also mean innovative and interesting?


gOS Linux - a very good OS - Overview & short tutorial

,----[ Quote ]
| gOS is an Ubuntu-based distribution aimed at the modern, young Internet
| users. It offers the ease and friendliness of Ubuntu, the dead sexy looks of
| Enlightenment 17 windows manager, OSX style, and integration of Google Apps
| into the desktop. Sounds extremely interesting.


gOS review

,----[ Quote ]
| Simply put, gOS is just an eubuntu live cd with a google flavoured theme or
| skin applied. But that is only the physical gOS. Much more important is what
| it represents: With Vista being pushed hard at the moment, more and more
| Microsoft customers are becoming fed up with Windows and looking for an
| alternative. Linux is ready to take over the desktop market now, and a
| distribution like gOS, properly advertised and supported may soon take it
| there. This is one to watch.


ReviewLinux.Com: gOS 2.0.0 Beta 1

,----[ Quote ]
| Just released is the beta for the new gOS Linux. gOS 2.0.0 Beta 1 shows great
| improvement over the previous version and this Walmart value added Linux
| distro looks great. Enjoy the flash video of gOS 2.0.0 Beta 1 in action.


gOS Reloaded 2.0 Beta -- Is Good OS really good enough to blast off?

,----[ Quote ]
| I am honestly pleased to give this package a 5 Pennie review. I was a bit
| dissapointed with version 1 of gOS, as it was good, but really odd. The
| removal of the start icon and focus on the power of enlightenment in this
| version is really where computing needs to go. Yes, it is a complete rip off
| of Apple OS, but hell, when something works, why not when you can take the
| human input characteristics and apply them for the work of good instead only
| evil?
| It is nice that this OS is not only available on a stripped down desktop I
| would have to buy at Wal-Mart, in that now many people can run off and
| download this gem to enjoy. I hope you enjoyed this quick review of the
| package, and while I do hope to hear back on my request for a review, I plan
| to add to the bonus areas with updates as I keep playing with the distro, as
| this is now the main package on my home machine, which means it actually
| passed the wife test. As always happy hunting for your favorite Linux, and I
| hope this helps in your quest.


gOS 2.0 Now Available For Download

,----[ Quote ]
| Those of you who don’t like Windows and aren’t too fond of Macs either, but
| aren’t really all that crazy about the complexity of Linux, might be in for a
| treat: a new version of gOS is available for download.


gOS 2.0


Everex To Offer CloudBook Ultra-Mobile PC at Walmart

,----[ Quote ]
| Everex has launched their much anticipated Ultra-Mobile PC featuring the
| latest Open Source operating system from gOS.


Walmart Jumps on gOS Bandwagon: Here Comes "Rocket"

,----[ Quote ]
| Look out Windows Vista and hot-selling Mac OS X Leopard -- a new OS is in
| town.  A new Linux distribution, gOS, produced by Good OS LLC and based on a
| Ubuntu 7.10 version, hit the market yesterday when it was announced at the
| Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


Everex Names ZaReason Authorized Reseller of $199 gPC

,----[ Quote ]
| "Most of the people who buy systems from us want some type of
| customization," states ZaReason CEO, Cathy Malmrose. "Our entire R&D
| department is driven by people asking for different components or unique
| configurations. We anticipate this system will be purchased by Linux users
| for their family and friends over the holidays."


A short look at gOS

,----[ Quote ]
| So after downloading the gOS Live ISO onto my Debian Etch system I started
| Innotek’s VirtualBox, bound the freshly downloaded ISO as a CD-ROM, made a
| 4GB virtual hard disk image for installing it, gave that virtual computer
| 256MB of RAM, and started...


Gosh, gOS is good

,----[ Quote ]
| I really liked gOS. It's a cute little system with lots of functionality and
| great looks. It works well and is fast and stable on my laptop. It should
| work on any computer that any other Linux supports. Enlightenment is an
| impressive desktop environment, and the iBar is a low-overhead way to blend
| cool effects with needed functionality. I think users will like it.


ReviewLinux.Com: gOS is worth looking into....

,----[ Quote ]
| Everybody is going Green. I take a quick look at the new kid on the block.
| gOS 1.0.1 was released earlier this month and I take a short screenshot tour
| of this "Green" Linux OS. Check out the short flash video too.

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