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[News] Patents Just a Mechanism for Killing Small Businesses

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How the patent system favors the borg

,----[ Quote ]
| I find the patent system laughable. 
| -1- For the small guy it is just a way to publish your technology so it can 
| be used by other bigger fish sans compensation.  How many lawyers can you 
| afford to pay full time?  
| -2- Its a great way for big companies to bully little ones.


Yet the lying Oil Taycoon in the Sweater, who once denounced these patents,
suddenly likes them.

The Permission Problem

,----[ Quote ]
| In the second decade of the twentieth century, it was almost impossible to 
| build an airplane in the United States. That was the result of a chaotic 
| legal battle among the dozens of companies—including one owned by Orville 
| Wright—that held patents on the various components that made a plane go. No 
| one could manufacture aircraft without fear of being hauled into court.    



Microsoft trying to derail Google/DoubleClick deal by lobbying congress

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has hired lobbying firm Patton Boggs LLC to do work on "competitive 
| issues surrounding Google/DoubleClick [sic] merger." 


Microsoft's 'Men in Black' kill Florida open standards legislation

,----[  Quote
| It was just a bit of text advocating open data formats that was slipped into
| a Florida State Senate bill at the last minute with no fanfare, but within
| 24 hours three Microsoft-paid lobbyists, all wearing black suits, were
| pressuring members of the Senate Committee on Governmental Operations
| (COGO) to remove the words they didn't like from Senate bill 1974. 


Politicians in Microsoft's Pocket

,----[ Quote ]
| Continuing on the theme of which politicians are receiving money from 
| who. Here is a list of candidates who took money from MSFT.

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