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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux a Cooler Option Than Vista

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Ubuntu really is Linux for humans!

,----[ Quote ]
| And speaking of speed, Ubuntu gets my notebook running so fast that the 
| processor gives off noticeably more heat, especially when I had Ubuntu 
| running in it’s own partition. For anyone else that may consider Ubuntu on 
| their laptop, I would recommend picking up a cooling pad.   


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 103

,----[ Quote ]
| In this issue we cover: Intrepid Alpha-4 ahead, Ubuntu Studio looking for 
| help, SRU needs you, New Ubuntu Members, MOTU news, Ubuntu Kernel Next, 
| BarCamp Chicago, Ubuntu Love Day Manila, Encrypted Private Directories, 
| Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop, Unison, Alfresco Labs, Internet Labs in Ecuador, Linux 
| Foundation AptChecker tool, Ubuntu and RepRap, and much, much more!    



MS wins Big Brother award for Linux spam atrocity

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Austria has collected the top prize in the Community category of 
| the Austrian Big Brother Awards. The prize, a tacky looking robot thing which 
| can be viewed here, was given for the company's activities in spamming 
| Austrian Linux users with questionnaires. Microsoft Austria recruited G3 GMBH 
| to handle the mailing. This outfit seems to have helped itself to the email 
| addresses of Austrian users registered with the Linux Counter and then sent 
| them the questionnaire, which asked about their views on the software 
| industry, about Linux, and about their employment. This was in breach of the 
| Linux Counter's copyright and terms of use, which specifically bar use of the 
| data for mass mailings.         


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