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[News] KDE's Toolkit Gets Major Improvements from Nokia

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Qt 4.5 to Dramatically Improve QtWebKit and QGraphicsView Through Animations
and Speed Ups

,----[ Quote ]
| At Akademy 2008 in Belgium, Qt developers Simon Hausmann and Andreas Aardal 
| Hanssen announced dramatic improvements in the web browser engine in Qt and 
| the canvas that is used by, for example, the Plasma desktop shell. Video 
| support, animations and transitions, optimisations to speed up painting and 
| animations, and new graphical effects open up nearly endless new 
| possibilities for developers to present their user interfaces with. Read on 
| for more details.       



Qt Port of Mozilla and Firefox 3

,----[ Quote ]
| The Mozilla and Nokia teams have been working hard to port Firefox 3 and the
| Mozilla Platform to Qt and there are now some solid results available from
| their efforts. An experimental build of Firefox Qt is available and you can
| download the sources from Mozilla's mercurial repository. The plan is to
| merge the Qt branch into the central Mozilla branch to make the port o
| fficial.


Opendocument format

,----[ Quote ]
| Longer term I expect to see email applications to send ODF as well as html in
| their emails. Just so they can use the much broader ODF set of features.
| Interestingly, a text exchange format gets more useful when more applications
| support it. This should be obvious :)
| To speed up ODF recognition Qt 4.5 will ship with an ODF writer. Qt’s text
| module turns into a one stop document generation API where you can use
| QTextCursor to create your document via a nice API and you can then export
| the created QTextDocument to ODF ready to be opened by any opendocument
| implementation. Naturally exporting to plain text and html are still
| supported, as is printing to PDF.
| Support for writing ODF in Qt sets a trend that we believe in the
| OpenDocument Format and we think its useful to have for our customers, the
| open source community and all end-users out there.


Nokia completes Trolltech acquisition

,----[ Quote ]
| Finland-based handset manufacturer Nokia announced that it has completed its
| acquisition of Trolltech. The Norwegian software firm's development talent --
| together with its Linux-compatible "Qt" application development framework --
| is likely to help Nokia improve its cross-platform support, and expand its
| presence in the Linux mobile device market.

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