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[News] Free Software Treated Specially in the Press/Journals

Top Five Disruptive Technologies for 2009, According to
Saugatuck Technology
,----[ Quote ]
| Open source: The same factors that attract users to open 
| source – lower costs and reduced times of development, and 
| reduced dependency on vendor-specific technologies – have 
| attracted commercial software vendors to use and 
| incorporate open source into their offerings and 
| portfolios. Critical Issue: Governance.      
| Strategic Planning Position(s):  
| ·         By YE 2009, open source will be part of 
|           practically all software in user enterprises.   
| ·         By YE 2009, the widespread inclusion of multiple 
|           open source software components by vendors 
|           (including SaaS and cloud providers) will force 
|           users and vendors to invest significant IT, 
|           Finance, and Legal resources on open source 
|           licensing governance.     


Seven Predictions for Open Source in 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| 2008 was an eventful, breakthrough year for many open 
| source companies, and 2009 will be even more so, especially 
| in terms of business purchasing patterns, software business 
| model shifts, and enterprise software stack evolution. The 
| current economic conditions will certainly prompt 
| businesses to look more closely at alternative IT 
| solutions -- and open source technology will be one of the 
| big winners next year.       
| Here's a look at a few 2009 open source market predictions 
| that I believe will re-shape the software market in the 
| coming year.   



Open source adoption moving up the stack


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