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[News] Mandriva-powered Sub-notebooks Spread Wider

EMTEC bringing 10-inch Gdium netbook to America for $400

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux-based machine will come loaded with loads of open 
| source software as well as a G-Key, which is described 
| as "a bootable USB key on which the Linux operating system, 
| applications, and personal data are stored." Expect it to 
| ship in white, black and pink sometime between January and 
| the end of time for $400.     


Bare Minimum

,----[ Quote ]
| The open-source Linux operating system costs less (as in 
| zero) and provides far better security. And as it's set up 
| on the Acer, Asus and Dell, it features all the basic tools 
| you might need: the Firefox browser, music and photo tools, 
| and the Microsoft-compatible OpenOffice productivity suite.    



4 new mini-laptops -- which is smallest, lightest, best?



NEC launches tough laptop PC


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