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[News] Important Technologies in GNU/Linux in 2008

Great Linux Innovations Of 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| Last year we had looked at The Greatest Linux Innovations 
| Of 2007, and as this year ends, we have compiled a similar 
| list of what we believe were some of the greatest Linux 
| innovations or achievements of 2008. Among the innovations 
| named this year were KDE 4, NetworkManager 0.7, new 
| hardware companies standing behind open-source support, and 
| the Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix.      
| Below is our 2008 list with the highlights being listed in 
| no particular order. 
| KDE 4:
| Just as the near year came about, KDE 4.0 was released. 
| This major overhaul to the K Desktop Environment included 
| porting the applications to the Qt 4.x tool-kit, 
| introducing a new device integration framework, bringing 
| forth the Plasma desktop and interface tools, and the 
| Phonon multimedia API. This Linux desktop environment 
| update was so huge that Google had even hosted a release 
| event party.       



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