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[News] [Rival] Chile Goes Hard on Non-Free Software Users

Chilean anti-piracy law drafted on pirated software

,----[ Quote ]
| Chilean lawyer Guillermo Frêne is having a bit of a bad 
| hair day after it was revealed that draft legislation aimed 
| at cutting the internet connections of illegal downloading 
| ne'er-do-wells was presented in .doc format written on 
| pirated software.    
| The full outrage was exposed here, which shows that the 
| firm of attorneys responsible for the document goes by the 
| rather unusual name of "The houze"...  



Microsoft will turn Chile abstention into a Yes?

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite the 217 comments tabled 
| by Chile in September, the Microsoft puppets  
| are well active in the Committee 
| and will vote this Tuesday to turn the vote  
| of the country from an abstention 
| to a Yes. You can expect more of those  
| things happening until the end of March.   



The day Chile was Bought by Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Just today, a secret agreement 
| between MS and the Chilean Government came to  
| light. In it, every citizen was 
| sold as a potential user of a Windows Live  
| Spaces model where every SSN is 
| linked to, overbypassing any privacy term and  
| cashing Bill some bucks. It 
| wouldn't be so awful to all if that agreement  
| wasn't aprooved yet (Spanish follows).    


Chilean Mapuches in language row with Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Mapuche Indians in Chile are trying t
| take global software giant Microsoft 
| to court in a legal battle which
| raises the question of whether anyone 
| can ever "own" the language they speak.


ElMostrador.cl: Chilean Public Pension System (INP) Switches
to Linux


Ecuador Tax Agency Closes Microsoft Branch Offices For 7 Days


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