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[News] Robot Built the DIY Way with GNU/Linux

The Linux Robot - Progress, Software & a Video

,----[ Quote ]
| The camera draws over 350mA@12V and there’s no reason why I 
| need it permenantly on. I’ve connected one of the Phidget 
| Kit’s outputs to a simple transistor/resistor/LED circuit, 
| with a 12V supply passing into the transistor’s collector 
| pin, through the transistor, relay input and resistor. Then 
| I’ve connected the camera’s power over the relay’s output. 
| The power on and off for the camera/LED are now through 
| setting the board’s digital output 0 to 1 and 0 
| respectively. Power consumption with no movement has now 
| dropped from 1.25A to just under 0.90A. I’ve also put all 
| essential USB hardware on one usb hub and all optional 
| hardware on another (USB to TTL adapters, sound adapter) on 
| the other. The optional hub is also on a relay now on the 
| opposite side of the robot, and this now reduces idle power 
| consumption from 0.90A to about 0.50A which I’m happy with.              



Robot software shootout -- the sequel!


Research bots leverage open-source for child-like


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