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[News] SFLC Strikes Back at Microsoft's Attempt to Corrupt FOSS

SFLC's Kuhn remains skeptical of Ramji's remarks 

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of lines of code Microsoft has given back to the 
| community is tiny compared to other software companies of 
| the same size, he said. "Microsoft has made tiny 
| contributions under BSD-style licenses and is making big 
| noise about giving code back. They are making a mountain 
| out of a molehill. Sam's job is to put a clean face on 
| Microsoft's involvement with free and open-source software, 
| and to make the community feel that they are giving back."       
| Kuhn's biggest point of contention is that Microsoft is 
| still refusing to participate with the General Public 
| License (GPL), the most widely used open-source 
| license. "They basically have the opposite position of 
| every other company involved with open-source software," he 
| noted.     
| Kuhn also dismissed Microsoft's work with the Samba project 
| as being nothing more than a consequence of court-ordered 
| mandates.  



Microsoft not really following open-source model--IBM exec



Using open source as a marketing ploy


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