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[News] Microsoft Obtains Monopoly on Addictionware/Drugware

Microsoft files pay-per-use PC patent

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's patent application does acknowledge that a 
| per-use model of computing would probably increase the cost 
| of ownership over the PC's lifetime. The company argues in 
| its application, however, that "the payments can be 
| deferred and the user can extend the useful life of the 
| computer beyond that of the one-time purchase machine".     
| The document suggests that "both users and suppliers 
| benefit from this new business model" because "the user is 
| able to migrate the performance level of the computer as 
| needs change over time, while the supplier can develop a 
| revenue stream business that may actually have higher value 
| than the one-time purchase model currently practiced".      


USPTO is a farce.

City of Heroes fingered in MMO patent lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| On Christmas Eve, South Korean game developer NCSoft 
| received a lawsuit in its stocking from a Massachusetts 
| firm that claims to hold an extremely broad patent for 
| developing online virtual worlds.   



Intel, Microsoft for Pay-As-You-Go PCs



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