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[News] British Government Wants to Censor the Web

UK.gov to push Obama for tougher rules online

,----[ Quote ]
| The culture secretary Andy Burnham has suggested the UK 
| should lead an international effort to introduce 
| cinema-style age ratings on websites to prevent children 
| accessing "unacceptable" material online.   


UK Culture Secretary Andy Burnham Wants Websites To Be
Rated... To Protect The Children

,----[ Quote ]
| But, of course, it appears he can't stop there. His latest 
| move is to suggest that all websites should be rated and 
| ISPs should be responsible for blocking access to 
| inappropriate content, "for the children" of course.   


MPAA Also Likes The Idea Of ISP Enforcers For File Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| In a story that will surprise, um, well, none of you, 
| Broadband Reports points us to an Ars Technica piece with 
| an MPAA representative claiming "Hey, us too!" on a plan 
| involving ISPs kicking file sharers off for accusations of 
| file sharing. This, of course, follows the widespread 
| reports about the RIAA's supposed agreements with ISPs 
| (though not all ISPs are happy with the plan). While the 
| RIAA got lots of press for it, the MPAA seems to have a 
| better handle on the PR spin of such a program -- calling 
| it a "graduated response" rather than a "three strikes" 
| policy. By "graduated" they basically mean "scold, scold, 
| lose your internet connection." I guess that's graduated.            



British Government Violates Copyright


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