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[News] Predictions for 2009 and Linux Journal Projections

10 Linux Predictions for 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Everyone wants to know what's going to happen in the new 
| year as if anyone can accurately predict these things. 
| However, one can deduce, with reasonable accuracy, that 
| there will be innovations that are designed to get our 
| attention. This is my list of Linux-oriented predictions 
| for 2009.     
| The keyword for 2009 is Innovation.
| 1. Buyouts/Mergers - 2009 will see its share of company 
| buyouts and mergers--all innovation-related. Larger 
| companies will buy up smaller ones with innovative products 
| and services. Many new open source millionaires will be 
| created through these transitions.    
| 2. Gadgets, Gadgets, and more Gadgets - This will be the 
| Year of the Gadget and they'll be Linux-powered. You'll see 
| dozens of new gadgets from phones to home appliances to 
| weather stations come out in 2009 all designed to attract 
| your attention and your money. Watch for rapidly falling 
| prices on these little gems along the way too.     


Will 2009 Be Open or Closed?

,----[ Quote ]
| As the end of 2008 approaches, people's thoughts naturally 
| turn to 2009, and what it might hold. The dire economic 
| situation means that many will be wondering what the year 
| will bring in terms of employment and their financial 
| situation. This is not the place to ponder such things, nor 
| am I qualified to do so. Instead, I'd like to discuss a 
| matter that is related to these larger questions, but which 
| focusses on issues particularly germane to Linux Journal: 
| will 2009 be a year in which openness thrives, or one in 
| which closed thinking re-asserts itself?         
| [...]
| Aside from these contradictory trends in the sphere of 
| politics, there is a separate development underway that 
| could have a huge effect on the world of free software. In 
| part as a reaction to the massive failure of a financial 
| system based almost entirely on the pursuit of money as an 
| end in itself, with little thought to "externalities" like 
| respect for people or the environment, many people are 
| beginning to ask whether it is time for a radically new 
| approach, based on different values.        
| One of the candidates for such an alternative is a system 
| similar to the kind of peer-based production that lies at 
| the heart of free software. In other words, one that values 
| collaboration and sharing over ruthless competition and 
| exclusive ownership. Such an epochal shift would obviously 
| take rather more than a year to realise. But if these ideas 
| succeed in taking root - and censorship threats 
| notwithstanding - 2009 might eventually turn out to be not 
| just open in important ways, but the start of an entire era 
| of openness.          



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2008: Not the year of the Linux desktop



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Survey: Desktop Linux use grows


Desktop Linux on the Rise, Linux Foundation Reports


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