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[News] TomTom Accused of Helping Microsoft's Market Distortion

Linux vs Windows . . . TomTom GPS

,----[ Quote ]
| So, here you go, TomTom.  Get your PR department 
| out of the Service department, and start thinking 
| of where you get your money.  Do you REALLY want 
| to forego the income you could make by supporting 
| the very operating system that you use?    
| [...]
| TomTom uses Linux.  But TomTom doesn’t want to
| acknowledge that, and therefore ignores potential 
| customers.  Or, perhaps it’s more than ignoring 
| potential customers.  For example, there is the 
| publically demonstrated behavior of Microsoft.  
| Microsoft is noted for its anti-competative 
| contracts with companies, its “buying off” 
| companies, organizations and even political 
| entities, and its subversion of even standards 
| organizations.  (Oh, don’t believe me.  Go see for 
| yourself.  Search for the lawsuit by the DOJ [such as 
| http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_v._Microsoft]  
| and the record of what happened at ISO with their 
| “Office Open XML”, or their behavior in third world 
| countries with the advent of the XO computer.)  
| Such behavior in an individual would be considered unethical at 
| best and  criminal at worst.  But because Microsoft has money  
| they manage to get away with it.  If some 
| combination of the above is the reason that
| TomTom has so ignored Linux as an operating 
| system then their shame is complete, and they
| deserve to be known as “that navigation 
| company that USED to be a contender in the market”.                    



TomTom uses anonymous cell phone tracking for traffic forecasts


Hacking the TomTom ONE through Open Source


TomTom to buy map supplier Tele Atlas


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