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[News] End of Season for Leading Linux Show, Old media is Dying

Linux Outlaws 70 - The Year 2008 in Review (Everything's Nineteen)

,----[ Quote ]
| The Outlaws take a look back at the big (and small) stories 
| of 2008 and generally reminisce. 


After Newspapers - Who's Next?

,----[ Quote ]
| Newspapers are dying - or so you might gather 
| from articles like this... 
| [...]
| Two things are notable here. The first, and 
| perhaps most relevant to readers of this blog,
| is that one of the key characteristics of the 
| proposed standards is that they will be open. 
| The other is that the press release quoted above
| is deliciously ambiguous in the way it flits
| between talking about Internet radio - the 
| apparent focus - and Internet media.       
| Internet radio is a sensible place to start, 
| since it's already well developed and 
| flourishing. It's ripe for the establishment 
| of some open, interoperable standards. But as 
| the other word "media" hints, radio is just 
| the start. Once you have a radio platform, 
| turning it into a media platform is relatively
| straightforward, because of the way the
| Internet works. Thanks to network neutrality
| (and we all support that, don't we?), a bit
| is a bit is a bit: there's no inherent 
| difference between an Internet radio 
| platform, and one for Internet TV, say.             


BBC World Service: ‘jobs for the boys’

,----[ Quote ] 
| Is BBC's World Service doomed to be the 
| puppet of British and Russian governments? 
| Following the resignation of the Director 
| of the BBC's World Service, Britain's 
| Parliament was assured the job would be 
| advertised externally. This has not 
| happened, protest former BBC World 
| Services bosses and Russian scholars       



Open source Campcaster empowers independent radio broadcasters


Radio goes the open source route


Linux radio suite powers independent broadcasters


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