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[News] Rave About GNU/Linux Distribution in Wintel Press

Hands-on Linux: New versions of Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE push the envelope

,----[ Quote ]
| When you're talking Linux, three big names always 
| pop up: Canonical's Ubuntu, Novell's openSUSE 
| and Red Hat's Fedora. Ubuntu has ridden a 
| groundswell of both consumer and commercial 
| support to its current ranking as the most 
| popular Linux distribution. OpenSUSE, with 
| its business underpinnings, has always been 
| popular in Europe and has been making
| inroads in the U.S. And it is largely thanks 
| to Fedora that Red Hat has become the biggest
| Linux company with a major role in community Linux.          
| [...]
| To date, none of these Linux distros have 
| given me a lick of trouble, and they've worked 
| extremely well. Now, more than ever, I can't 
| see any general reason why someone wouldn't 
| use one of these Linux desktops in place of Windows.    
| None of this should be surprising, since these
| distributions are identical at the core -- 
| all three are built on top of the Linux kernel
| 2.6.27 and use the GNOME 2.24 desktop. While 
| their ingredients may be the same, though, the
| dishes made from them are quite different. 
| What sets these three and other great Linux
| distributions apart is how they mix their
| ingredients together.         


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