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[News] Ubuntu GNU/Linux Made More Attractive, Makes Windows Obsolete

Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Customization Guide

,----[ Quote ]
| Because many people complained a lot about the looks of 
| the new Ubuntu OS and other major Linux 
| distributions, and how they wanted a more 
| eye-candy, professional desktop, we thought 
| that the following tutorial would be a nice 
| Christmas Gift for all of you Linux enthusiasts 
| out there. Therefore, this step-by-step guide 
| will teach you how to create your own "futuristic"
| Linux desktop! In other words, we will pimp your 
| desktop and change its looks..         


Ubuntu vs Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| So my point is that for an average user who uses 
| computer to surf on the internet create some 
| documents or spreadsheet, watch movie, listen 
| to music or any other simple activity Ubuntu is
| far more easier to use then Windows. We believe 
| that Windows is easier to use because we used it 
| for such a long time, but once we get past our 
| “windowsism” we can see how cool Ubuntu is.       



20 beautiful dark themes for Gnome and Ubuntu


4 Linux Distros Which Look Like Mac OS X


23 Awesome Themes for Ubuntu Linux


How to: Customize your GNU/Linux desktop in 7 easy steps


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