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[News] KDE Nostalgia and Nostalgic Games on GNU/Linux

passing between years

,----[ Quote ]
| The ability to balance the business with the community, 
| the ambition with the empathy, the determination with 
| the acceptance and the hope with the realism is what,
| personally, strikes me as amazing and vital to our
| little community of people.    
| I wait with excitement in my soul to just how far
| we will be able to take KDE in 2009. All I know is:
| world, you ain't seen nothin' yet.  


My Tribe - An enjoyable resource management game for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| My Tribe is the latest game from Grubby Games - the 
| creators of Prof Fizzwizzle and Fizzball. Grubby Games
| are known for releasing Linux versions of all their games. 
| My Tribe game also has a Linux version. The first time I 
| started playing the My Tribe game, I was taken in by its 
| vivid graphics.     



DOSBox evokes nostalgia



DOSBox 0.70 (Released)


Playing Classic Games Under Ubuntu


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