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Re: Confession of a Microsoft Shilling Advocate

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____/ Homer on Sunday 28 December 2008 10:42 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that 7 spake thusly:
>> More reasons why Technology Evangelism or asstroturfing should be
>> banned in the USA. It has been banned in EU as of 26 May 2008. Anyone
>> caught asstroturfing on public internet, especially by attacking
>> individuals for money from corporations will land that corporation
>> and all its directors in the dock.
> Good point.
> Does this make Microsoft's "TE" operation actually a criminal activity
> in the EU?
> Given the kind of practises Microsoft's former Chief TE openly confesses
> to, it seems so.
> This makes the prospect of LARTing the trolls much more interesting.
> http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/rights/index_en.htm
> http://ec.europa.eu/competition/forms/consumer_form.html
> http://www.berr.gov.uk/whatwedo/consumers/buying-selling/ucp/

Someone should report this, with evidence (like James' blog), for the EU to
fine or embargo Microsoft. I was close to doing so and gave the green light to
country leaders who consider it (refs below).

Greed from the west (e.g. Madoff) has already caused enormous damage to the EU.
It's time to fight the greed and crack down on white-collar crime, such as
Microsoft's. Sadly enough, the Gates Fundation [sic] is busy corrupting

EU Says Governments Could Bar Microsoft From Bidding

,----[ Quote ]
| Governments contracting IT work could conclude that Microsoft's antitrust
| history constitutes "grave professional misconduct" and ban the company,
| according to the European Commission.


EU: Europarlement testing Ubuntu, OpenOffice and Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Parliament's IT department is testing the use of GNU/Linux
| distribution Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Firefox and other Open Source applications,
| the British MEP James Nicholson explained last week in a letter to Italian
| MEP Marco Cappato.  


Is Microsoft Now Banned from EU Contracts?


Euro MP thinks Microsoft should be banned from government contracts


Green MEP says Microsoft should be excluded from EU contract awarding procedure


EC probes OOXML standards-setting process

,----[ Quote ]
| A spokesman for the European Commissioner for Competition, Neelie Kroes, told
| The Register that regulators were continuing to scrutinise interoperability
| issues related to Microsoft’s products following complaints from the
| Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS) group.  
| As part of that process, the EC formally contacted a number of national
| standards bodies, including the Norwegian Standards Institute (NSI),
| requesting more details about possible irregularities in the OOXML
| standardisation process.  
| [...]
| “It must be stressed that it is not the Commission's intention to influence
| the outcome of this process, but the Commission considers it essential to
| ensure that European competition law is not violated in the course of the
| standard setting process,” he said in an email to El Reg.  
| In January the EC began formal anti-trust probes against Microsoft in two
| cases where it was alleged that the multinational firm had abused its strong
| market position. As part of the investigation into the first case, the
| Commission said that it would scrutinise OOXML on the grounds that the
| specification doesn't work with those of competitors.    


EU Commission Investigating Microsoft's MSOOXML Push

,----[ Quote ]
| I hope they think to investigate the smear campaigns that seem to always
| happen to anyone on the other side from Microsoft. What happened to Peter
| Quinn was by no means unique.  


Corrupt countries were more likely to support the OOXML document format

,----[ Quote ]
| Is this just a random coincidence? The median of the CPI index of the above
| mentioned 70 countries is 3.95. Of the most corrupted half (CPI index less
| than 3.95) 23 or 77% voted for approval (approval or approval with comments)
| and 7 or 23% for disapproval; 5 abstained. Of the least corrupted half (CPI
| index more than 3.95) 13 or 54% voted for approval and 11 or 46% voted for
| disapproval; 11 abstained - see the table below.      


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