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Re: Lets see how Roy Schestowitz likes losing his job.

singh.4.luv29@xxxxxxxxx <singh.4.luv29@xxxxxxxxx> said on 2008-12-27:
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/e0cb959e8f434542?hl=en
> "I could get it when I was 24 and get out of campus, but they are
> happy to have
> me around for longer. In fact, I'm meeting the head of the Computer
> Science
> Department next week. "
> This son of a bitch takes joy in seeing other people lose their
> employment during the holiday season? I've read several very long
> winded messages where he seems to feel that it is a positive for
> people to be laid off from Microsoft.

Layoff is quite bad, especially in this economy. I do feel for
people queued up looking for a job in NYC. However, as businesses feel
the pinch, layoffs will happen. A child-therapist I knew lost his job
a couple days before Christmas. That was very tough on him and his

> May he rot in hell and get all
> that is coming his way. I am writing an email to the head of computer
> science at the University of Manchester and in that email I am going
> to desmonstrate what Mr. Schestowitz does with his time. I also intend
> to copy the provost of the University as well as the president of the
> alumni association.

My recommendation would be to not contact anyone at Universities. They
have simple guidelines on who can be admitted to a particular program.
If a student has X-Y-Z qualifications and there are positions open in
their program, they will admit the student. Background checks do
happen, but they are not frequently done, as far as I understand.

Education is just another business; just another way to make money.

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