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Re: Linux "advocacy" == a stated disregard for the facts

On Sat, 27 Dec 2008 09:40:29 -0500, DFS wrote:

> Terry Porter wrote:
>> I don't even care about the facts. 7 has credibility with me, as do
>> *all* the Linux advocates here.
> Linux needs to get some new friends.

Hi DFS (a struggling store here in the UK, selling uncomfortable settees 
and armchairs)

Linux has *Loads* of friends - it's just that hateful, misinformed, 
aggressive, blinkered, [insert others here], FUD-fueled Windows users, 
their machines full of Viruses, Trojans and Worms, keep those of us who 
use Linux as their main, everyday work machine from posting here.

After trying Windows Vista on a new Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop, and 
converting over 40 non-functioning Windows machines to Ubuntu/Linux Mint 
for partially sighted and disabled people, they, and I, have chosen never 
to return to Windows XP or Vista. By choice. Their/Our decision.

No amount of hatred, insults or stories of freezing or other "problems" 
on this newsgroup by those I would not give the pickings of my snout to 
will change this fact.
I use Linux. I read this newsgroup. I also work happily with Linux, as do 
my friends and family.

Now, my New Year suggestion to those who hate Linux is:
Don't use the bloody operating system, but accept and acknowledge there 
are millions that quietly do, and just move on with your lives.

Oh, and make sure you update your Anti-virus subscriptions (for all the 
good that will do), and your anti-spyware, trojan and worm removal tools, 
as you'll be very busy in 2009 repairing and rebuilding your machines, 
probably using a Linux live CD to recover your data, as you haven't got 
round to backing up your machines. 

All the best,


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