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Re: Confession of a Microsoft Shilling Advocate

Verily I say unto thee, that nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx spake thusly:
> On Dec 26, 8:12 pm, Erik Funkenbusch <e...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
>> On Sat, 27 Dec 2008 02:21:41 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>>> Public message from James Plamondon:
>>> _______
>>> "Roy, et al.,
>>> "You’re right. Some of the evangelism practices that I taught and
>>> executed at Microsoft in the 1990’s were unethical. I didn’t
>>> think so at the time — I thought that they were just
>>> hyper-competitive — but I agree now. "I am trying to change the
>>> error of my ways. I trust that you will agree that even the most
>>> hardened sinner can be redeemed.
>>> "Read more here:http://platformevangelism.spaces.live.com/blog";
>>> _______
>> The thing you fail to realize Roy, is that *YOU* egage in exactly
>> the same behavior you pretend to loathe.
> You mean....writing letters to the editor using the names of dead 
> people, saturating news groups under multiple false names, pretending
> to represent a "grass roots" movement?  Is that what you mean?

I'd dearly love to know how anyone is suppose to "shill" for ... Free

How does that work, exactly?

Who pays, or even /would/ pay, for such a thing?

That's the second time today I've seen the Microsoft propagandists pull
this reverse psychology bullshit in COLA, and I still find it incredible
to believe the trolls could suffer such blatant cognitive dissonance.
/Hadron/ making such an obvious blunder - I can understand, since his
pickled-walnut of a brain is barely capable of retaining even a /single/
thought at one time, much less an idea based on two conflicting ones,
but Fuddie?

It seems that Linux is not the only thing Fuddy knows nothing about.
Maybe he really is going senile after all. Then again, maybe he's just

Oh right...


| "At the time, I thought C was the most elegant language and Java
|  the most practical one. That point of view lasted for maybe two
|  weeks after initial exposure to Lisp."   ~ Constantine Vetoshev

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