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Re: Lets see how Roy Schestowitz likes losing his job.

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____/ singh.4.luv29@xxxxxxxxx on Saturday 27 December 2008 03:37 : \____

> On Dec 26, 8:53 pm, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Hehe. They think people are gullible.
>> Gary or Scott even opened a new Googlemail troll account just to say it.
> Gullible?
> The best part about you Schestowitz is that your own words are all
> that is necessary to sink you. Thinking of employment? When your
> potential employer sees the mean spirited, venomous, hate filled
> 'news' that you post they will move on because you are obviously some
> kind of psychological wreck. Why? Companies want team players and you
> are obviously not a team player. Combine that with the amount of time
> you spend, no doubt on University of Manchester's time, trolling the
> Internet, posting on blogs, discussion groups, twitter, icq (a wealth
> of information about what you are really like) you would be lucky to
> find a job as a dog catcher. And if that were not enough your lack of
> a conscience, lack of morals and unauthorized use of copyrighted
> materials just drives home the point that you are one nasty individual
> Roy Schestowitz. And this is all taken from your own words. Your own
> posts and statistics. All of which will be included in my and other's
> emails. Your University needs to wake up and see what a they are
> getting for their money. Have a good life you fucking son of a bitch.
> Oh yea, just so you can gloat some more, I am one of those who lost
> his job due to cutbacks at a Microsoft partner. I hope you fucking rot
> in hell.

Merry Christmas. :-)


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A: Microsoft Munchkins go bananas.
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